5: Dine & Dish with Sarah Hepola


Dine & Dish with Sarah Hepola
“It’s not your job to save another person…but you can remind them of their value.”
(Sarah Hepola)
Y’all, I’ve got a girl crush…as the band Little Big Town sings…and, it’s on our guest today, Sarah Hepola.
The New York Times Bestselling author of BLACKOUT and former Salon Editor has had essays appear in the New York Times MagazineElleThe New RepublicGlamourThe GuardianSlate and The Morning News.
She is also from my hometown of Dallas, which is where I dined and dished with her at the Wild Detectives Bookstore – a place that is even cooler than it sounds.
Sarah’s book was recommended to me by my mother, an accounting professor as she thought I would love to read a book by a fellow Dallas girl-turned-writer. I, of course, resisted – as we sometimes do as daughters – until she kept bringing it up, and I had no choice but to buy it.
Within the first 10 pages, I had decided I loved the book, respected the writer’s honesty…and knew that I just HAD to have her on my show.
Sarah and I talk about everything from alcoholism and sobriety to Netflix’s Stranger Things and growing up in the 80s in Dallas, to eating disorders and diets to dating to the love affair girls have with their mothers.
And, most importantly, we thoroughly discuss “growing up girl” which Miss Sarah Heipola has mastered to an art in the literary world.
For this, we are all the luckier.
Today, our sponsor is La Croix Sparkling Water, the fizzy, calorie-free, alcohol-free beverage I rely on pretty much every single day, and a percentage of our sponsor’s fee will be donated to Sarah’s chosen charity, Planned Parenthood.
I hope you enjoy meeting my girl crush as much as I enjoyed getting to know her.
I have a feeling you’re gonna have a crush on her, too…

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