7: Dine & Dish with Phillip Phillips at the Capital One Cafe

“She encouraged me by listening to me.”

(Phillip Phillips about his wife’s encouragement and the power of listening)

A few weeks ago, I attended the Listen In event at the Capital One Cafe in Santa Monica for a truly 360-degree listening experience, which included a remote podcast taping of Dine And Dish With Dawn (sponsored by Capital One) – my show where we eat, drink, share stories…and, desserts. According to the Capital One Listen In Survey, nearly 1 in 5 Americans (18%) can’t remember the last time someone was completely focused on listening to them, which means that programs like Capital One’s can help you open your ears and minds to what people have to say. For Capital One, it helps them better understand how to help along their financial journey.

And, truth talk – I was wearing mismatching earrings the whole evening…but, more on that later.

Over Peet’s coffee and delicious locally sourced treats a la Capital One local partnerships, Phillip and I chatted about the food that excites us, the moments that inspire us, our current theme song if we had to choose, the power of hindsight wisdom, perceived weaknesses that became strengths, our dream dinner party guests and the sweet sounds of home.

From learning about Phillip’s special recipe of “Wild Turkey Nuggets” to his mom’s pecan pie and sweet tea, and his wife’s encouragement through listening, this was an episode full of heart based around our common love of southern comfort food.

On top of that, I also got a little side dish of values-driven money guidance from Capital One Money Coach, Megan Lathrop. Not sure what Money Coaching is? Well it’s a free three-part program designed to help you discover how your values and money are connected. During your private session with a Coach, you can plan a path for achieving goals and find the confidence to use money to create a life you love.

Head to the Capital One Cafe nearest you to meet a Capital One Money Coach like Megan, or a Capital One Ambassador who will make you feel not only truly listened to, but also informed about creating a banking experience built around your personal banking needs, financial goals, values and passions.

Because if you’re like me, sometimes you’ve got a million things going on, and well, you forget to match your earrings…or, more importantly, how to live your life and spend your money according to your values.

Capital One can help with that. Well, not with the matching earrings part but they are doing their part to build a better bank through listening.

And that is something TRULY delicious.

Thank you, Capital One for sponsoring this post! This is a paid endorsement. All opinions are my own and were not directed by Capital One. To learn more about Capital One, visit www.capitalone.com/LISTEN

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6: Dine & Dish with John Oates

“All creative people need to make mistakes. If you can’t make creative mistakes, you’ll never progress…and, you’ll never find who you really can be. Creative mistakes are essential to the creative personality.”
(John Oates on Dine & Dish with Dawn)
A little while ago, I had the pleasure of hosting John Oates (yep, THAT John Oates of Hall & Oates) at the Whisper Lounge at The Grove in LA.
From being born “famous” by birthright as the first born grandson in an Italian Family to becoming a world-renowned rockstar and songwriter to watching Monty python with George Harrison at his house in Beverly Hills to being photographed by Andy Warhol to having the sports-betting southern gentleman, Hunter S. Thompson as a neighbor in Colorado, John’s life is filled with even more stories than his book, Change Of Seasons: A Memoir can hold.
We talked creativity, dating advice, his advice to songwriters, why 80s pop is still so beloved, engaging and in demand…and, his iconic mustache that became a signature of the 80s music scene.
Here was my takeaway:
There is no narcissism or over-self-awareness in this man which is almost unheard of for a rockstar with as many legendary experiences as he has had.
He seems to have no real regrets.
Like me, he doesn’t necessarily believe in “mistakes.”
He does believe in living in the moment.
And, he loves making music so much that he doesn’t even listen to it “for leisure” because he’s so passionate about all of the details that go into making it.
She’s Gone.
Sara Smile.
Rich Girl.
Out of Touch.
I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do).
Method of Modern Love.
Electric Blue.
Just thinking of all of the legendary songs that John Oates has been responsible for – either by writing, performing with Hall & Oates or both –  I realize how ingrained John’s music has been in not only my life – but in the lives of my entire generation.
When you listen to this episode, you’ll hear John tease me on tape saying I’m flirting with him.🙈
I swear I wasn’t.
Maybe it was just my childlike exuberance at getting to interview and share a meal with someone I grew up listening to.
A face I’ve always recognized as familiar much like family – if only from album covers and MTV.
Or, maybe it’s because he is one of the most settled-in-his-soul individuals I’ve ever met – not only in the entertainment business but in life.I wish my feet were a bit more tethered to the ground as much as his are.
And, John, since this is coming out quite a bit after our actual interview, I really do hope your hope has come true and you have indeed had time to smell the roses this year.
John’s book: Change of Seasons: A Memoir here
John’s new record: here (Also available on iTunes & Amazon)

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5: Dine & Dish with Sarah Hepola


Dine & Dish with Sarah Hepola
“It’s not your job to save another person…but you can remind them of their value.”
(Sarah Hepola)
Y’all, I’ve got a girl crush…as the band Little Big Town sings…and, it’s on our guest today, Sarah Hepola.
The New York Times Bestselling author of BLACKOUT and former Salon Editor has had essays appear in the New York Times MagazineElleThe New RepublicGlamourThe GuardianSlate and The Morning News.
She is also from my hometown of Dallas, which is where I dined and dished with her at the Wild Detectives Bookstore – a place that is even cooler than it sounds.
Sarah’s book was recommended to me by my mother, an accounting professor as she thought I would love to read a book by a fellow Dallas girl-turned-writer. I, of course, resisted – as we sometimes do as daughters – until she kept bringing it up, and I had no choice but to buy it.
Within the first 10 pages, I had decided I loved the book, respected the writer’s honesty…and knew that I just HAD to have her on my show.
Sarah and I talk about everything from alcoholism and sobriety to Netflix’s Stranger Things and growing up in the 80s in Dallas, to eating disorders and diets to dating to the love affair girls have with their mothers.
And, most importantly, we thoroughly discuss “growing up girl” which Miss Sarah Heipola has mastered to an art in the literary world.
For this, we are all the luckier.
Today, our sponsor is La Croix Sparkling Water, the fizzy, calorie-free, alcohol-free beverage I rely on pretty much every single day, and a percentage of our sponsor’s fee will be donated to Sarah’s chosen charity, Planned Parenthood.
I hope you enjoy meeting my girl crush as much as I enjoyed getting to know her.
I have a feeling you’re gonna have a crush on her, too…

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