4: Dine & Dish with Danny Trejo

“Everything good that has happened to me has happened as the direct result of helping someone else.”

– Danny Trejo

*Film by Nelson Lee of Noteworthy Collective



For our fourth episode of Dine & Dish with Dawn, I didn’t have to go further than right around the corner from my house to get my interview on…and leave with a new baseball cap on my head.

There, I met up with Machete himself, actor & producer Danny Trejo, at his flagship restaurant, Trejo’s Tacos, where we enjoyed street tacos and street corn, while he waved at fans who honked at us as they drove down La Brea.

Danny and I dished about everything including his time in prison (including 4 months in “the hole”/solitary confinement which led to a life-changing epiphany), addiction and recovery, the importance of having people around you that you trust, what Cinco de Mayo really means, how the whole world can think you’re a movie star but you can’t, his mother’s dream of owning a restaurant and how – as fate would have it – he came to own a chain of restaurants of his own today.

The best role that Danny has played is that of a survivor. And, he’s not only survived, but thrived, and continues to give back. For Danny, he has had dreams come true that he didn’t even know were possible, and now he helps others fulfill their dreams and potential as an intervention counselor.

As much as he might play the “bad guy,” this nice guy is the first to tell you that he is not in charge…his faith is.

A man whose faith and work ethic have helped him overcome every obstacle, you won’t ever think of Danny Trejo the same way again.

Just don’t call him Marcia.

*Producer’s Note: This was our show’s first attempt at recording outside in Los Angeles, the audio is as rough around the edges as Danny is tough. Please be patient with me as I’m still learning here.



To find out more about Danny Trejo: www.DannyTrejo.net

Thank you to the owners, cooks, management and waitstaff of Trejo’s Tacos where this podcast took place. And, thank you especially to the patrons who were so kind and patient to wait for pictures until after we had wrapped.

Special thanks to our sponsor, La Croix Water my healthy must-have as I continue to travel across America, dining & dishing, and indulging in all this good food. I’ve always got three packs of this bubbly goodness in my fridge!

A percentage from the sponsored fee for this podcast has been donated to the charity of Danny’s choice: the Learning Rights Law Center, a legal services nonprofit that fights for a child’s right to education, and assists low-income families by providing free legal counsel and advice, advocacy, direct representation, education, training and policy work. 

Engineered & Edited by: Maddie Ross

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3: Dine & Dish with Trey Fanjoy

“If you really just focus on what you enjoy doing the most, it’s interesting how all the money and success comes your way if you’re pursuing what is truly your passion.” – Trey Fanjoy
This third episode of Dine & Dish with Dawn finds me in Nashville interviewing my dear friend, storyteller, visionary, and – CMA, ACM, Billboard, MTV and CMT award-winning – director, Trey Fanjoy over soul food and deep soul talk.
We are dining and dishing at Wendell Smith’s  – a local Nashville institution, where southern soul food and service with a smile reign supreme.
Trey and I chat about everything from shooting multiple music videos for Taylor Swift, to her muse Miranda Lambert and the connection they share, to George Strait and the seashores of Old Mexico and tales of Merle Haggard, to kind words from Keith Urban & Steven Tyler, how becoming a mother has actually elevated her career as a director, how the jobs we say no to are just as important as the jobs we say yes to and how she hopes that more women will get to share the level of success and recognition that she has.
This is a girl’s girl and a woman’s woman who has no problem hanging with the boys.
Trey is genuinely proud of – and inspired by – the artists she works with and the marriage of song and vision that they create together.
She puts pictures to the words of songs and she does it in a new way, with a fresh eyes, and with compassion for the artists she’s working with.
She’s also considered a “good luck charm” by industry insiders to many a musical career made in Nashville.
Bonus? You can hear my hidden Texan accent peek its little head out in this episode!
 Sit back and enjoy this view of the world through the lens of the soulful, connected and talented…Trey Fanjoy.

To find out more about Trey Fanjoy: www.TreyFanjoy.com

Thank you to the owners, cooks and waitstaff – especially Shawana – of Wendell Smith’s in Nashville, Tennessee where this podcast took place. 

Special thanks to our sponsor, Hickory Farms, my family’s go-to for gift baskets for as far back as I can remember: meat, cheese, fruit, nuts, and a side of nostalgia.


A percentage from the sponsored fee for this podcast has been donated to MusiCares, a charity of Trey’s choice that provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need.

 Engineered & Edited by: Maddie Ross
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2: Dine & Dish with Kim Carnes

“Anytime I’ve gone against my instinct, I’ve always lost.” – Kim Carnes
In this episode of Dine & Dish with Dawn, I’m dining and dishing with Bette Davis Eyes herself, the Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter, Kim Carnes. Though I had met her years before while I was working in a little beauty store in Nashville, I felt an instant kinship when we were reintroduced for this podcast, when we dined at her favorite restaurant in Nashville, the tantalizing Two Ten Jack.
We chatted about everything from common coworkers and cohorts in Barbra Streisand and Quincy Jones to our love of Justin Timberlake to her experience writing an entire concept album for Kenny Rogers to the beauty of birthdays to lifelong dreams coming true to her epic experience with being a part of  “We Are The World,” during which a guy named Michael Jackson held her hand the whole time.
Get ready to fall in love with a dreamer…
To find out more about Kim Carnes: www.KimCarnes.com
Thank you to the owners, chefs and staff of Two Ten Jack in East Nashville, Tennessee where this podcast took place.

Special thanks to our sponsor, Emma J Company, one of my favorite jewelry lines on the planet, who I will be creating a collection with this fall.

A percentage from the sponsored fee for this podcast has been donated to a charity of Kim’s choice, All About Dogs Coastal Rescue, a non-profit rescue and adoption organization made up of volunteers who have a mission to find loving homes for our furry friends.

Episode Engineer: Anna Schulze

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